(Poem) Too Dark My Darling This Dementia by Phibby Venable

I meant to say good morningPhibby Mother pic.jpg

but a gray fox crossed my eyes

in a crazed gait toward nightfall

How could I sleep knowing

the day had been stolen

My eyes gritty with darkness

I walked all night to prove

it was really day

There was a banquet of delirium

and rivers of new wine spilling

into my youth

I could not make it stop

My hands were defenseless

My eyes cried out to the people

but they said I should use my lips

Each thing I saw disappeared

into moments and the moments

hid behind a large wall

I wanted the ones who loved me

but my words fell into reversals

On days like this I remember

something, I see how the world tilts

and I try to speak quickly

There is something urgent

I need to say

Don’t let me fall

something important is missing

from the upper floor

I love you

something is gone

a gray fox a banquet

a large wall


(Meet Mago Contributor) Phibby Venable

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Mary Beth Moser

So powerful. . . .


Stunning piece of writing – I think you caught something vital here. You got into the head of people suffering from this terrible disease.