(Prose) Bleached Tree Roots by Sara Wright

Election Dream: November 9thSaraWpicture3.png

Just an image: I see bleached, broken, slashed, and severed tree roots scattered over the entire horizon – which seem to stretch out in front of me in all directions – the ground, as far as I can see, has become a wasteland.



In my personal mythology, I see the “Tree Mothers” as friends of mine, Guides, who literally support and nurture me (and all creatures and peoples) on the Earth.

Without trees, I cannot (literally) breathe. Neither can other mammals.

On an archetypal or collective level, the image speaks to the World Tree or the “Tree of Life.”  The trees have been shattered, severed, and uprooted. The trees are dead. The bone-like aspect of the trees is “familiar” – the tree roots look like human bones.

Roots are what hold us in place. Roots attach us to trees, each other, and to the earth – we have been severed from our roots.

The ground is barren – unable to support life

The bleached tree, person/animal-like bones speak to death – the wasteland ahead.


(Meet Mago Contributor) Sara Wright