(Poem) Despite games played to entertain by Maya Daniel

maya-daniel-poemDespite games played to entertain
They are waging unjust war

The country sides are under attack
Still, and more treacherously
By AFP’s US-inspired Oplan Bayanihan
The country sides are burning
With abuses and daily death threats
Thinly camouflaged by “civilian missions”
While there are men taking combat operations
There are also troops in full battle gear
Awkwardly giving haircuts,
Then, play games to entertain,
And donate recycled school textbooks
Get some groupies and make these
Pictures take the rounds on facebook.

Listen, my old peasant friend
They cannot give you that parcel of land
But they won’t stop coming over the village
To render medical missions, perhaps
Until all males here are circumcised,
And their intelligence operations are through
They will keep coming over trying “to win
Your heart and mind”
Listen, my old peasant friend
With machineguns and belted ammos
They will try to trick you more
To tell where did your children of age go
Despite their haircut services, recycled textbooks,
And games, indeed, they are waging
An unjust war.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Maya Daniel.