(Prose) Earth’s Renewal Moon by Sara Wright

[I took this photograph during the last full moon (12/24/2015), the “Earth’s Renewal Moon” according to the Blackfoot Nation. This moon belongs to Waboose, the Spirit Keeper of the North and it is considered to be the first moon of the New Year; it can occur anytime during the period that extends from December 22nd until January 19th.]

The Earth’s Renewal Moon is special to me because, for the next three months, I will be able to watch the moon rising over the southeastern horizon from the window in either my bathroom or living room. The moment before she makes her ascent, the mountain glows with an otherworldly, silvery white light. My dove Lily B celebrates these months by singing to the moon each month from his window perch. He and I are both in love with the luminous white blossom that fills the night sky with such beauty that even all but the bravest stars dim under her loving gaze. I always look for the rabbit who hides with his grandmother in this moon.

I am also reminded that some Native peoples, like the Haida, the Cree, and the Potawatoni, call this first moon of the year “the little bear moon.” Not surprisingly the little bear moon corresponds to the birth of black bear cubs, which occurs some time in January. Alert and caring mothers tend their infants while snug in their underground dens, many of which are tangled in the roots of the trees, these baby bears will soon depend upon for climbing.

On this first day of the new year, I think about the Earth’s ability to renew herself, her animals, plants, and people…

It is in renewal that hope becomes reality.

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Bart Everson

Thank you for this lovely paean to the Moon. She’s in the news now as scientists debate anew the history of her origin. One big trauma or many small ones? Given the timeframe you report, I guess the next occurrence of “Earth’s Renewal Moon” is tomorrow, 12 January.


Actually, she is full at around 6:30 AM tomorrow in this hemisphere… but tonight she is gorgeous and once again I am reminded that she begins the new year with Renewal and the possibility of moving Forward… yet one more turn on the spiral…