(Essay Part 1) Healing Within Patriarchy or Healing From Patriarchy by Shekhina Weaver

Photo by Ingrid Crawford www.ingridcrawford.co.uk
Photo by Ingrid Crawford www.ingridcrawford.co.uk

Healing has been and is a central theme within the New Age Movement and within New Age philosophy. The essential message is that humanity heals emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and materially when we move from an ego-based separative consciousness to a soul-identified oneness consciousness. The concepts connected with this New Age soul/oneness consciousness are words like light, love, inner and global peace, freedom/liberation, interfaith, internationalism/brotherhood, balance between the sexes, and between the so-called feminine and masculine energies and qualities. The New Age is by some considered the Age where the divine feminine will return to balance the divine masculine. Women will become powerful as spiritual and political leaders while maintaining their so-called essential feminine qualities and men will become caring and nurturing while maintaining their so-called essential masculine qualities.

In my last full moon article I touched upon the destructivity of the divine will, plan and purpose as revealed by the New Age philosophy of Alice Bailey (telepathic medium for the Tibetan “master” Djwhal Khul). (For those of you who would like to read my article about matter and spirit from the last full moon, it is on my personal timeline.)

In this article, I will explore the healing that humanity is supposed to experience within patriarchy as a prelude to the New Age, and I will try to share a vision of healing that can radically free us from the patriarchal paradigms of both the old ages as well as the new age we are approaching, free us to become consciously identified with the will of our Wild Soul to Be self-knowing, self-unfolding, self-reliant creative Intelligence, Love and Beauty. I will especially focus on the healing we women need in order to free ourselves from patriarchy instead of being further integrated into it which means to become gradually and unknowingly one with the divine will to destroy all Life and all authentic feminine Be-ing. This I will do by contemplating the Shakti image.

As far as I can see, humanity has for the last 70 years, since World War II, been spiritually inspired and guided not only to intensify the destructivity against the Earth that started with the industrial revolution, but also to engage in and experience an apparent healing within patriarchy on many levels. Women have been and are inspired to rise and demand equal rights and men have been inspired to international co-operation as an ideal instead of war and competition. Even though we today witness an extreme fundamentalism within some Islamic groups and an increased racism in the West, there is a collective movement in humanity towards religious tolerance/interfaith, political understanding and global social justice. This is the healing within patriarchy that humanity is divinely guided towards. The racism, fundamentalism and conservatism are the energies of the old ages (Pisces and Aries) still seeking expression in humanity. This, too, is divinely guided (like history has ever been since the dawn of humanity) in order to urge humanity to take a stand for the values of the New Age: co-operation, equality, freedom and brotherhood, the core-concepts of patriarchal soul-consciousness.

Even though it is uncomfortable, I feel it is crucial that we realize that this spiritual guidance and inspiration through all ages, including the guidance we experience now while moving into the Age of Aquarius, regardless of how it looks on the surface, is rooted in divine evil and deception. I, of course, understand that this is a hard statement for those of you who feel/think that all the good things that are IN FACT happening in humanity are divinely inspired by loving, wise spiritual beings, and that this proves that we are collectively moving towards an age of true enlightenment.

As I see it, humanity has throughout history been deceived and led astray by cosmic male-entities who manipulate human males to make their divine dream of power over Life and their desire and will to annihilate Earth-Life real. These entities have deceived us and led us astray on all levels of our being by manipulating us energetically through direct psychic impression and through constructing the Zodiac, as well as through bespeaking myths and rituals and, most importantly, the five world religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam). These world religions all hide their essential divine evil – their patriarchal message – by clothing it in words like love, wisdom, liberation, justice, peace, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, loving kindness, enlightenment etc. in order to deceive our innate loving, compassionate, wise souls. Patriarchal Evil itself is the religion of these religions!

As Mary Daly says in Gyn/Ecology p.39 (1991 edition):

“Patriarchy is itself the prevailing religion of the entire planet, and its essential message is necrophilia. All of the so-called religions legitimating patriarchy are mere sects subsumed under its vast umbrella/canopy. They are essentially similar, despite the variations. All—from buddhism and hinduism to islam, judaism, christianity, to secular derivatives such as freudianism, jungianism, marxism, and maoism—are infrastructures of the edifice of patriarchy.”

What we are facing is an all-encompassing deception that is the very fabric and reality of our daily secular and spiritual lives. And the New Age version of this deception is patriarchal soul consciousness, patriarchal oneness consciousness. A part of the patriarchal New Age plan is to make humanity into a gentle species – a New Age humanity – that unknowingly abuses the Intelligence, Love and Beauty of our authentic wild souls to fulfil the destructive will, plan and purpose of “the gods” while believing we are serving a loving, wise divine plan. The ages of separative patriarchal ego consciousness based upon the master/slave model (Aries and Pisces) are drawing to a close, and more and more males realize that it is time to let go of power-over games within humanity and choose to become co-operative beings working for peace and equality among all people, always seeking the highest good of all. Women’s rights and integration within patriarchy, internationalism, the internet and the interfaith movement are some of the results of this evolution into soul-consciousness. What all these good men (and women) don’t realize is that this evolution has been divinely guided in order to make humanity into One Organism that on the basis of internal peace in humanity can be abused to make the world into a global atomic bomb that will eventually destroy all Earth-Life. This is meant to be done by using atomic power, fission and fusion, as energy source on a worldwide scale. (As of May 2016, 30 countries worldwide are operating 444 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 63 new nuclear plants are under construction in 15 countries. There are yet no fusion based power plants.)

There has to be peace among nations and co-operation in order to make this divine dream real. Otherwise there is a continual risk that the atomic powers, fission and fusion, will be used for war – a war that will only destroy parts of the Earth instead of fulfilling the divine dream of total annihilation of all Life including all the waters on the Earth. To eliminate the waters of the Earth the atmosphere has to be ignited and this can only be done by building up a worldwide system of nuclear power plants (fission and fusion) that can start a chain reaction in connection with a natural or human-made catastrophe. This, or something like this, is, as far as I can see, the inner occult core of the divine New Age dream. The feminist writer and artist Monica Sjöö is the only other writer I have met who has pointed at the essential destructivity of New Age philosophy and its connection with atomic power. I highly recommend her book “New Age and Armageddon” from 1992.

In my last full moon article, I quoted passages from the telepathic transmissions that Alice Bailey received from the Tibetan master Djwhal Khul. We saw that the New Age was inaugurated by the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. This tragedy was described by Djwhal Khul in the following way:

“I would like at this time to touch upon the greatest spiritual [notice that he calls this tragedy spiritual] event which has taken place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom, appeared. I refer to the release of atomic energy, as related in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing of Japan. Some years ago I told you that the new era would be ushered in by the scientists of the world and that the inauguration of the kingdom of God on Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this first step in the releasing of the energy of the atom this has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified during this momentous year of our Lord 1945.” Later, in the same letter:

“The release of the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extent or the nature of the energies which have been tapped and released. There are many types of atoms, constituting the “world substance”; each can release its own type of force; this is one of the secrets which the new age will in time reveal, but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would call your attention to the words, “the liberation of energy”. It is liberation which is the keynote of the new era, just as it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter and the freeing of some of the soul forces within the atom. This has been, for matter itself, a great and potent initiation. . .”

It is obvious in all the works of Alice Bailey that humanity is manipulated spiritually to destroy the Earth through atomic fission, fusion (and hydrogen) power. In the second book in the series of books I am writing together with my daughter we will demonstrate that myth, religion and the Zodiac together with esoteric philosophy unequivocally reveal that the divine will and plan is to annihilate Life on Earth in order to make all Life one with the God the Father, with Shiva – the Destroyer, Mahadeva – with the Spirit of Pure Nothingness, in the East made desirable by terms like nirvanic bliss or emptiness, and, in the more materialistic West and Middle East, Paradise or Heaven which is called a place of eternal life and material abundance for the saved believers.

This worldwide annihilation will, as far as I can see, be brought about in an attempt to solve the global warming problem (but only when it is too late to really solve it!) in order to make a “clean” energy solution (nuclear fission is often called “clean” even though the radioactive waste takes thousands of years or more to break down!). This “solution” will probably be a combination of fission and fusion atomic power together with hydrogen (which is highly explosive) as the basis for fuel, a solution that will literally make the Earth into a global bomb. In the works of Alice Bailey it is said that the Earth is meant to become “radioactive”. This is where we are going, while becoming a more and more peaceful and graceful humanity, unless we wake up to the divine evil which possesses and abuses humanity, so that we can choose to evolve our Real Life-loving Soul Consciousness and refuse to be gentle robots of “the gods”. There is of course so much more to say about this, and it is worth noticing that the exact future of humanity under patriarchy depends on whether humanity chooses to serve the divine New Age plan through soul/oneness consciousness or serve the equally divine plan of the old ages (Aries and Pisces, where the master and the slave model rules) which means to continue to serve the old way of ego consciousness – separative consciousness. If humanity chooses to cling to the old patriarchal ways, we will probably be prematurely partially destroyed through a third world war caused by the tension between Islamic terror movements and the West, a new cold war between Russia and the West, the conflicts in the Middle East and the global climatic food and energy crises. If the ego consciousness of Aries/Pisces wins the divine New Age plan for the Earth, total annihilation of all Earth-Life (which is the ultimate goal of patriarchal soul-consciousness) will happen later, when humanity has recovered. What we need is a collective awakening to the divine evil through all ages.

To be fully clear: Patriarchal soul-consciousness is personal, collective, mental, emotional and physical healing within patriarchy. Patriarchal soul-consciousness makes us into gentle, loving, wise people that experience healing on all levels of our being, sometimes even miraculously, because the vital energies of our Wise Loving Cosmic Souls transmute the destructive and self/destructive master-slave energies – ego energies that have accumulated in our energetic systems through the many incarnations during the ages of Aries and Pisces (and earlier ages as well). But it is a pseudo-healing that is in fact the final taming of our wild life-identified souls and it is a healing we are programmed to experience in order to be able to serve the divine New Age plan properly.

What is the divine PURPOSE behind this desire to annihilate all Life on Earth?

The divine purpose behind this destructivity is much more hidden in the foundational works of the New Age than the divine plan is. The purpose has to be held an occult and strictly guarded secret because it reveals that the whole divine project is pure evil and pure illusion. The purpose behind the divine will and plan, as we see it, is to demonstrate that the Will NOT to Be Life is stronger than the Will of Life to BE Life, and that the Will NOT To Be Love and Beauty is stronger than the Will to BE and Unfold Love and Beauty. In relation to humanity this is ultimately done by seducing us to evolve into soul-consciousness within patriarchy, seducing us to, unconsciously and unknowingly, transform our wild Life-loving souls into tamed souls that serve the divine destructivity and evil with our innate soul qualities. This project is, of course, a cosmic illusion, since Life is All That Is, through Time and Eternity and Beyond. The divine Entities themselves are Life, and they can never transcend the Life that Is All that Is, however much they try to do so. Transcendence of Life does not exist! When all is destroyed in the fires of Pure Evil and Will to Nothing, what is left will always Be Life, moving, resting within “her” own Be-ing through Time, Eternity and Beyond. All that Is, is a part of that Life.

Whether we are humans or cosmic entities, we are Life. Life with Choice. Self-Choice. And the choice we all are facing is the choice between being self-knowing, self-unfolding, self-reliant Intelligence, Love and Beauty or refusing to Be self-knowing, self-unfolding, self-reliant Intelligence, Love and Beauty. Entities who refuse to be creative Intelligence, Love and Beauty will inevitably abuse and fight the intrinsic Creative Intelligence, Love and Beauty of the Life they themselves are and are a part of. This is what the gods of myth and religion do and these gods are images of really existing cosmic entities who desire this war against Life – desire to demonstrate power over the Life, the Cosmic Intelligence, Love and Beauty, they themselves essentially are, but refuse to be.

This is the cosmic drama that “the gods” force human males to enact on Earth with women as victims and help-maids. Because humans are self-conscious beings, we can choose to wake up to this and choose to affirm, be and unfold the cosmic Intelligence, Love and Beauty that we are. We can choose to be One with the Wild Life-identified Beauty the Earth herself is, unfolds as and constantly inspires us to be together with her. We can choose to refuse to participate in the war against the Wild Beauty of Earth-Life by becoming One with this Beauty mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materially. This is healing from patriarchy instead of healing within patriarchy.

How does all this apply to us women? What is the divine patriarchal plan for us women here at the threshold to the New Age? How can we free ourselves from being tamed, Aquarian feminine souls functioning as help-maids in the final phases of the divine war against the Earth? How can we free ourselves from playing this our predestined role, free ourselves to evolve into freedom from patriarchy, so that we can become the true healers of humanity – healers who free humanity from patriarchy, healers who awaken humanity to choose to live as and in Beauty blending with the Cosmic Beauty of the Earth?

In the radical spiritual eco-feminist ceremonial practice my daughter and I have developed over the last 20 years, the Eighth Moon/August is dedicated to dreaming our own personal healing and dreaming the healing of humanity. We have been and are still inspired by the story of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers told by Jamie Sams in her book “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers” (a fictive story based on Seneca traditions). In this book the Eighth Moon is supervised by the clan mother “She Who Heals”. During this moon we especially focus on healing the patriarchal constructs of the feminine as expressed through the Shakti concept. The Eastern Shakti, like the Western Sophia, is a goddess image that encompasses all the goddesses that have ever been imagined by the patriarchal mythmakers.

Goddesses in our view represent how Earth-Life, women and our feminine wild Life-identified soul has been and is meant to be suppressed, violated, abused, tamed and finally destroyed by the divine will to power over Life. Shakti or any other goddess has nothing to do with true, self-defined femininity. Never in history have women defined the feminine. Never! Even more modern psychological and philosophical mainstream ideas about the feminine are made exclusively by males. All goddess myths, religious stories or teachings about the feminine have been created by men. The Shakti image, all goddesses and all the ideas about the feminine are men’s divinely inspired visions of how they desire women to bow to divine and earthly male supremacy. This does not mean that goddess imagery is useless in the healing process of us women who seek to free ourselves from patriarchy and the patriarchal constructs and stereotypes around the feminine. Even though the Goddess – the patriarchal images, symbols and ideas about the feminine – has nothing to do with true woman-defined, Life-identified femininity, they are transparent. Through these images we can get a glimpse of the Life-identified femininity these images are made to suppress. We women need to heal the goddess, heal the cosmic feminine, our own souls, by listening deeply into the will, power, intelligence, wisdom, love and beauty these images are meant to tame and eventually destroy. What we love so much about the goddesses, Eastern and Western, is in fact the reality we sense beneath the patriarchal constructs, and I think it is really important that we realize this. We do not love blood-thirsty Kali or armed Athena. We love the reality of our wild Life-identified souls that we glimpse behind these images. We have to realize this. If we don’t, the goddess images will continue to work their destructive magic against our true authentic wild feminine souls, for this is what they are intended to do. The Shakti image and all goddess images are intended to destroy womankind and block our way to our cosmic and earthy selves.

The feminine images in myth and religion tell us who we are meant to be as women in patriarchy. And they tell us what the divine will and plan with Life on Earth as such is.

Shakti is the mythmakers’ image of the Earth, Cosmic Life and women. What does the Shakti image reveal about the divine plan for us women? We will explore this in part II of this article.

Meet Mago Contributor Shekhina Weaver.

This essay is continued in Part 2 Refusing to be Shiva’s Shakti.

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“Even though it is uncomfortable, I feel it is crucial that we realize that this spiritual guidance and inspiration through all ages, including the guidance we experience now while moving into the Age of Aquarius, regardless of how it looks on the surface, is rooted in divine evil and deception.”


I think what you are saying is that the path humanity is choosing is rooted in deception. Agreed. I am not sure that I would call this path “divine.”