(Special Post) Why I am committed to RTM as Executive Editor by Rev Dr Patricia 'Iolana

Rev Dr Patricia 'Iolana
Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

[Editor’s Note: Patricia ‘Iolana has newly joined RTM with her distinguished specialities in RTM’s prime topics and rich experiences as both practitioner and researcher. We are deeply honored and grateful for her gift-sharing commitment to RTM. Welcome and thank you for your blessings, Patricia!]

About a month ago, Helen emailed me and enquired if I would be willing to take on the role of Executive Editor for Return to Mago E*Magazine; I didn’t hesitate to say yes. A few days ago, she asked me to respond to why I am committed to RTM as the new EE. I have to admit that, initially, I found this question a bit unsettling. I realised it bothered me because I had to ask myself why I agreed to commit to this position in the first place. I’m not one who often questions my own motives; I trust my instincts and move forward, but in this case, I had to honestly examine my decision and be able to communicate to others the reasons I accepted the role.

I have been a practicing Pagan for over 30 years; the first 20 years was all about finding my own path and building my relationship with Goddess through a variety of pantheons including Ancient Greek, Sumerian, Hawaiian, Celtic, and Norse. This was a personal journey and something I pursued during my spare time. The past 10 years, however, have found me in a relatively new position—that of an academic student and now scholar who specialises in the Great Mother Goddess/Mago. My hope is that, combining my personal and academic knowledge, I can bring a unique psychodynamic perspective to RTM. As a thealogian (one who studies Goddess versus one who studies God) and an ordained Pagan Minister, it is especially important to me that both scholars and practitioners (or adherents) have a viable, supportive, and safe community in which to share their own perspectives on and experiences with Goddess/Mago. I also bring years of editorial experience in both electronic and print media to the Mago Community, so I felt I could make a viable contribution to the advancement of Helen’s vision of a supportive WE community—and that was important to me, as well.

Ultimately, though, underneath all of this, is my need to serve Her which is reflected in my years of active participation with the Beltane Fire Society in Edinburgh, Scotland; my experiences of working with various groups and pantheons (families) of Gods/Goddesses both in solitary practice and with others; my choice to accept an invitation for official ordination (based on decades of being asked to serve in this capacity); and in my choice to commit to the Executive Editor role for one year. I do this in service to Her, in service to my sisters and brothers who seek to expand their Self and their knowledge, and in service to a community who thrives on mutual support, love, and respect. I wholeheartedly support a community that lifts each other up rather than tearing each other down. I’m honoured to be part of the Mago Community and the way of WE in S/he.

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Welcome! I like what you said about supporting a community of women who lift each other up instead of creating rifts and tearing one another down. I feel the same way.