(Special Post) Why I am a RTM Contributor by Sara Wright

Sara Wright
Sara Wright

I think it’s very important to support the creative works of other women in a feminist context. I also think that it’s important to comment on what others have written to help them to feel seen and heard. We feminists must work harder than others to be acknowledged and MAGO has been a beacon in the night for those of us who continue to choose this life -path.

On a personal level, as an animal communicator, an ethologist (that is one who studies animals in their natural settings) and as a naturalist, I believe that feminists sometimes overlook how important the relationships that we have forged with other non-human species are to feminism and to the fate of the Earth.

MAGO creates space for what used to be called eco-feminism, the idea and belief that what happens to women is also happening to the earth (which was eventually dismissed by many feminists as being an oversimplification). I feel completely comfortable writing about the relationship between the goddess (nature) the animals that I encounter and myself on this site. I am feeling profoundly grateful to Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and the rest of the MAGO staff for providing me with the much-needed template to explore these interconnections at a deeper level and to encourage others to do so as well.

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I like thinking of Return to Mago as a beacon … and I didn’t know that eco-feminism had been dismissed by many feminists as an oversimplification. Truth to tell, I’m not sure I ever knew what eco-feminism was exactly. But I do know that it’s an old trick of the academy to dismiss radical insights as oversimplification, and if many feminists did unto others what had been done unto them in graduate school, that’s not surprising.

Mago Work Admin

I agree with you, Harriet. We/the Mago Work will embrace/restore/reconnect what has been dismissed and dismembered, “radical insights”, under the name of “academic scholarship.”