(Prose) Morrigan Goddess' Celtic troops by Yuna Angell

The Morrigan ©2011 – 2016 Pernastudios via DeviantArt
The Morrigan ©2011 – 2016 Pernastudios via DeviantArt

That slender figure of femininity,
Yet her eyes were full of aggression.
The crows flew around her to watch over her.
The enemy’s soldiers ran towards her while she approached.
One look from her caused them to fall over their own feet.
Some quietly collapsed and never awoke again.
Morrigan the battle Goddess of the Celtic deities,
She smiled at the arrogant mortal soldiers even as they came.
Her crows were
busy escorting their souls to the afterlife.
But as she walked forward to check on her Celtic troops,
Flowers would bloom from the ground crackled from drought.
The Celtic troops knelt on the ground after taking off their helmets,
Long tresses flowing in the dry breeze of the war.
Only then did the remaining enemy soldiers discover,
The Celtic troops they were fighting were all Celtic women.

All rights reserved © Yuna Angell 2016

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