(Poem) Ode to Isabella D’Oro by Barbara Truncellito

Copyright 2006 by Barbara Truncellito

Your story lingers in Valsienne

town of my ancestors into a mountain

winding alleys and cobblestones sob

recalling you Isabella of gold

hair of sunlight

eyes form the sea

you lived in a castle

a lady waiting of the majesty of a lord

who would fulfill her destiny

instead you loved a commoner

the rush of his simple song

your lovemaking moans rising to cypresses

lauding over terracotta rooftops

background for an operatic ending

your brother put the scandal to sleep

with a knife to your throat


I mourn for you

your rightful place is in the sky

with Heloise and Mary Magdalene

the passion of saints will not be quieted

by men without souls

their version swallowed

by spirits of women

who return to tell their tales through a poet-

she can hear you calling

remember me as Isabella

who was not afraid to love

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[Author’s Note: My paternal family’s roots are in a small village in southern Italy called Valsienne. Translated, it means town overlooking a river. When I was a young woman I visited this town and heard this story.]

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Mary Beth Moser

Beautiful, Barbara! It reminds me of some of the folk stories up north in my ancestral lands in northern Italy. . .


Oh, such a beautiful and poignant poem – thank you!