(Poem) Drops of Falling Rain In the Voice of Mary Magdalene by Barbara Truncellito

Copyright 2006 by Barbara Truncellito

I recall our days together

bread and wine a new gift

I dreamt another spring

careless in its design

of intimate wandering

I wanted to speak

you nodded an approval

it was you they wanted

late afternoon rain

who consoles me now

I wiped your tears

marks of sorrow

ancient rainbows rose over Jerusalem

wanton light and shadows

your last words

I entered into darkness with you

carrying herbs and ointments

to the cave where you lay

I anointed you kissing your hand

for the last time


Then, the dawn

you stood in a white robe

your eyes stark

my spirit filled with wondering

look at me, you said

not at the ground swollen from afterbirth

look at me and know

I live in late afternoon

among drops of falling rain


[Author’s Note: I was moved at the possibilities of what the followers of Jesus were feeling after His departure. In particular, Mary Magdalene, who was chosen as a confident and disciple, must have been bewildered by the experience. The poem is in her voice.]


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With grace & spirit…. majestic