Update & Happy 4th Birthday to Return to Mago E-Magazine!

RTM 4th Ann

Happy 4th Birthday to Return to Mago E-Magazine! 

Thanks to our volunteer editors as well as contributors from around the world, Return to Mago (RTM) celebrates her 4th birthday on August 15, 2016. We are deeply grateful for what the Life and Growth of RTM has been for us and the world for the last four years. As of today, we have over 120 contributors with a readership of about 160 countries as well as hundreds of email followers.

Please meet our RTM contributors here and consider becoming one today here!

At the same time, I feel forever indebted especially to our editorial members who have dedicated their time, talents, and love for RTM.

Please meet our talented and dedicated RTM volunteer editorial members here!

It is with our deep gratitude that we announce some changes in the current editorial circle as follows:

Those who have joined recently:

Patricia ‘Iolana has joined as Executive Editor (October 2016).

Namarita Kathait has newly accepted our invitation to serve as Admin Editor (July 2016).

Sumaiyah Yates has newly accepted our invitation to serve as blogger and scheduler (August 2016).

Spider Redgold has accepted our invitation to serve as blogger and scheduler (March 2016).

Glenys Livingstone has recently accepted our invitation to serve as reviewer of contributions (August 2016).

Rosemary Mattingley continues to serve as copy-editor and blogger (since inception)

Alaya Dannu and Deanne Quarrie are on leave.

Helen Hye-Sook Hwang continues to serve as founding director, co-editor and acting Edito-in-Chief.

Those who are stepping down:

Mary Saracino, who has generously and professionally provided her service as Editor-in-Chief for the last 18 months, steps down this summer.

Rosemary Mattingley, former Editor-in-Chief, who has unswervingly served as Administration Editor for these 18 months, steps down as Admin Editor this summer. Rosemary has been involved with RTM since its inception, and continues to serve as copy-editor and blogger.

I am surrounded by a depth of gratitude and Sisterhood, as our Editor-in-Chief Mary Saracino (see Meet Mago Contributor Mary Saracino here) steps down this summer, as her own situation does require a full attention. Thank you so much, Mary, with love and blessings! At the same time, I am ever committed to the cause of RTM and the Mago Work now and for the years to come. Many thanks to you, our contributors and readers, and see you around more often!

Last but not least, please feel free to support RTM editorial circle by donating to us below:

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Mago blessings to all in WE!

Helen Hwang (Founder and Co-editor) on behalf of the RTM editorial circle

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