(Video) Behind the Screen Interview with Vicki Noble


An interview done with Vicki Noble for the making of the Signs Out of Time documentary on the life and work of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, by Donna Read and Starhawk. Dozens of people were interviewed to make Signs Out of Time – many of them prominent artists, thinkers, writers, and scholars in archaeology, history, and philosophy – and some of the extended interviews were made available in VHS in the series “Behind the Screen: The Uncut Interviews”. Until now the have been unavailable in new format. Donna Read has given permission for the whole series of interviews to be uploaded to YouTube. The series is a treasure trove of information of historic value to the fields of archaeology, religion and women’s studies.


[Editors Note: Thanks to Glenys Livingstone and Taffy Seaborne for the work to make these interviews available to the public again, and thanks to Donna Read for permission.]