Meet Mago Volunteer Namarita Kathait

namarita-kathaitNamarita is an aspiring writer with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster. Having done her graduation in English Literature from University of Delhi, India, she undertook the journey to foreign lands to understand ‘Home and World’ from a many-folds-removed reality. She is currently experiencing Content and Social Media Marketing arena as a part of her profession. Growing up in a traditional society, she likes to question present value system (especially that aspects women) as much as she enjoys the art of poetry. There is the world in one’s mind that’s beyond the physical realm and she spends her free time traveling through those borders.

She also places her firm faith on ‘Education for Everyone’. She has volunteered for Teach India, Teach for India, RideLondon and currently, is volunteering for a Non-Profit School.

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