(Prose) Excerpt from The River Stone: A Spiritual Erotic Fantasy by Marie de Kock

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River Stone Image for cover, copyrighted by Marie de Kock

The sexual manual of the Tao is thousands of years old. The Taoists call a specific type of sex “joy-making.” They say the socialization process destroys our joy as we grow up. The thymus gland vibrates with the joy frequency. So the thymus is dormant in adults.

The Taoists teach that our jing chi, or sexual energy, or orgasmic joy, can be utilized to activate the thymus again. They pull the orgasmic joy up from the genital area into the thymus gland with controlled respiration and visualization. Of course, an active thymus boosts the immune system. It is also beneficial for the heart and lungs to experience the higher frequency of an orgasmic release; great for emotional wellness.

So, the goal of Tao sex is extreme pleasure, or superior joy. The Chinese say the highest frequency in the heart is joy; and the spirit utilizes the joy frequency to fly. In this way, the joy-making becomes a spiritual practice, understand?

Some people in the audience nodded.

The storyteller decided to continue with the story:

“Good luck, Jade!” The Tao Master whispered with great sincerity. He disappeared, returning to the 5th dimension, leaving Jade Lee Ming alone by the river with the orange silk purse in her hand.



Jade took the river stone out of the silk purse. It was as big as the palm of her hand, but not as wide. She rubbed it against her cheek. The surface felt incredibly smooth.

She walked to a private place by the river where she often practiced Tai Chi. The overhanging branches created a curtain of leaves to hide behind. She sat down on the soft mud and made herself comfortable against a trunk of a tree. She could watch the river passing by peacefully.

She spread her legs and started rubbing herself through her cotton panty. According to the sexual manual of the Tao, the female body has “three gates” that must be opened to release “three waters” or three orgasms. The first gate opens by stimulating the area around the vulva bone and clitoris, and the G-spot inside.

Gazing at the river, Jade inhaled orange light. She placed her consciousness inside herself, where she wanted the sexual chi to rise. She was not in a hurry. The Tao teaches patience and compassion for the female body. It is as if the jing chi is sleeping inside, it has to wake up first.

After a while she took off her panty. She licked the base of her hand and parted the lips of her vagina in order to stimulate her clitoris directly. She rubbed herself faster and faster until her clit stood erect and pink. A hot wave of jing chi rose up inside her.

Now she started massaging the area against the vulva bone just inside her vagina. She breathed deeply, sipping the air in, as she made small contractions around her fingertips. A delicious wave of jing chi swept through her body, making her gasp with pleasure. She paused for a moment to draw the joyful energy up into her thymus. Her heart chakra opened wide.

And then she prodded inside the vulva bone as fast as she could, bringing all of her consciousness to that area. “Come,” she called her spirit. “Come here, feel this. It feels so good.” Jade burst out laughing as the first gate opened. The orgasm gushed out like a little fountain.

The ‘first water’ made her soft and wet inside. She put the tip of the river stone in her mouth and sucked it. She prodded the mouth of her vagina with the wet stone playfully. Then she pushed it inside her. She smiled as the cold stone glided into her, just like the river that glided past. Jade started the tiny contractions, pulling the stone up inside her. How many hundreds of years had the river flowed over this stone, making it so smooth?

The jing chi started to rise again. She focused her consciousness much deeper inside an area with a multitude of pleasure spots, waiting to be discovered. Hmm…would the river stone find a spot to tickle…? Sipping in her breath she moved her pelvis around, corkscrewing the stone. She created an orange light around it. A flame of hot jing chi rushed through her womb. She pulled it all the way up into her heart.

By now, the river stone was also hot. It started to rub against a pleasure spot high up inside her vagina. So she pulled the stone up and pushed it down, rubbing over it repeatedly. It felt incredibly good. She called her spirit again: “Come right here, feel this.” She giggled. Her mouth was dry. The movement of the stone was making a juicy sound. Breathing faster and faster, she started rubbing her vulva bone on the outside again. Jade moaned with pleasure as powerful waves of jing chi made her back arch.

She paused to take deep breaths and pulled the delicious energy up into the boiling ‘tan tien’, and then higher, into the open heart chakra, filling up with joy. But she couldn’t pause for long. The pleasure was too urgent in coming. She started moving the stone over that exquisitely sensitive spot again. An image of the river opening up into the ocean flooded her mind. Gasping with delight, she rocked her pelvis as the second gate opened completely, releasing an orgasmic fountain of joy from deep inside her. Her happy laughter sounded like bells.

Hmm … Jade gazed at the river flowing by peacefully for a while; her mind was completely empty, her body glowed with bliss. According to the Tao her ‘inner smile’ rejuvenated her on a cellular level, bringing her wellness.

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