(Video 2) "Seeking Inner Guidance in S/HE (Meditation Guide) by Marie de Kock

[Editor’s Note: This video meeting was created and produced as part of 2015 Nine Day Solstice Celebration, organized by Mago Academy.]

Suckling Stars by Lucy Pierce

Please join us in celebrating the 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration dedicated to Finding Our Inner Voice on Thursday, December 17th 9pm PST. Welcome your own inner voice warmly with a guided meditation, hear Lucy Pierce and Marie de Kock in conversation about it, including a contribution by Arna Baartz, do some gentle exercises to liberate your Inner Voice and listen to a poem clearly expressing Her.

B. GUIDED MEDITATION for all listeners to connect on the energetic level where the inner voice resides. Creating an energetic flow between the womb, heart and creative brain by Marie  (20 mins)

See Part 1. To be continued.

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