(Poem) Dew Kissed and Beltane Blessed (Beltane) by Deanne Quarrie

Photo Credit: Maypole; © open domain: https://pixabay.com
Photo Credit: Maypole; ©

hawthorn gathered in the may

atop a tree of birch

gaily blowing in the wind

rainbow ribbons spin


queen of may, jack o’green

bless the fields and land

lively dancing kissing twirling

ribbons in the hand


king making, goddess blessed

sacred vows of ancient days

wrapping ribbons round the pole

dance the sacred ways


spread the grass make a bed

lay upon the land

spill the seed bless the night

lovers hand in hand


come my love, walk with me

we’ll lay upon the grass

our love to bless this night

and watch the moonlight pass


dew kissed, we shall awake

a blessing to the Earth

and greet the sun on morning rise

with laughter and sweet mirth


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