(Meet Mago Volunteer) Spider Redgold

Bradford Allotment © DebBall2015
Bradford Allotment © DebBall2015

Spider Redgold is a Caucasian lesbian woman of spirit, descended through her motherlines from Travellers and through her fatherlines she can trace her blood to the Viking invasions of Yorkshire around 1100CE and then to Long Meg tribe. Born on Choctaw land, returned to Yorkshire and then brought to Australia in her teens, her life experiences delivered her a global perspective on sacred ceremonial work. She has been given spirit teachings in Cherokee, Choctaw, Luo (Kenya) and 3 Aboriginal Nations. She created and wrote The Shemoon Cycle of Days – A global Witches Almanac; published from 1987 -1993 and now in the National Library of Australia. She had a regular talkback segment, The GoodWitch of Oz, on Radio JJJ in the early 1990’s, appeared on Steve Vizard’s ‘In Melbourne Tonight” and in 1993 debated exorcism with the Archbishop of Melbourne on ABC Radio National. She now spend her days busy about the tree of life making art and doing academic research in art and anthropology on images of goddesses, warrior women and monsters and assisting feminists to negotiate technology and the world wide web. See Spider Redgold Art here: http://spiderredgold.name/rg_art/



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