Meet Mago Contributor Anna Tzanova

anna-tzanovaAnna Tzanova, M.A.


Residence: Northern California

Born and raised in Bulgaria;  lived for almost a decade in Toronto, Canada and close to two decades in Northern California;  proficient in English, Bulgarian and Russian,  with working knowledge in German and Italian, at present learning Korean language;  student and practitioner of ancient and indigenous cultures, as well as spiritual traditions from around the world;  Anna is genuinely cosmopolitan.

She holds a Masters Degree in History of Fine Arts and Art Criticism;  is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Kundalini Yoga Teacher;  Activity Therapist;  Reiki Master and Mago Academy Scholar.  Being naturally curious and excited about the rich and mostly uncovered or hidden human heritage, as well as the mysteries of the Universe, Anna believes in lifelong learning and enthusiastically continues her studies.

Anna’s passion about health and healing has led her to teach classes and facilitate empowering workshops both in the US and Canada.  Her explorations and knowledge in art, history, psychology,  physics, meditation, yoga, Qigong and much more, have resulted in multiple successful careers in those fields.

She is an artist, a healer, a teacher and a mother of two wonderful and aware girls.

Tzanova co-facilitates an online class, Korean Historical Dramas, with Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang beginning Feb. 11, 2016.

Areas of interest for Magoist Studies:

Too many to list them all, but to begin with: Magoist Korean Culture & Spirituality, particularly courses like: Shamanism; Art & Culture;  Korean History;  Korean Mythology;  Reading Budoji; Goddess Goma/Gom/Ungnyeo;   Pilgrimage to Korea.

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