(Essay) Green Goddess: Loving the Earth with a Fierce Devotion! by Pegi Eyers

The essence of LOVE is found everywhere in nature, and LOVE is the vibratory field for the plant kingdom, the kinship of the creatures, the nurturing power of the Feminine, and elements such as the water.”

The illustration “Green Goddess” is my painting merged with a photograph of greenery from one of my favorite lakeside places in the Kawarthas where I live.
The illustration “Green Goddess” is my painting merged with a photograph of greenery from one of my favorite lakeside places in the Kawarthas where I live.

In times of massive change, our task is to bond with the land, to revere nature again as our Ancestors did, and to see ourselves as part of this thin and fragile biosphere, Our Earth, the source of all life and our spiritual home. The love of the land has always been central to our most cherished dreams and memories, and if we delve far enough below the surface of the modern mechanistic overlay, we find that Gaia has been patiently waiting for us to return. We are all Children of the Earth, and at the heart of our roving discontent is a veiled desire to be reunited with our perennial family, the other-than-human world.

Renewing our relationship with The Sacred begins with encounters in the wild, where our hearts naturally open to a space of unconditional love full of gratitude for nature’s abundance, and the gift of life itself. When we experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures that are nature’s enchantment and joy, we realign with the magic of “Natura” the Green Goddess, our beautiful green world, the kingdom of the plant spirits, and the intrinsic harmony of natural law.

Of course, in a humancentric society, there is a huge lack of knowledge regarding the natural world, and the human/nature separation is painfully extreme, leading to callous attitudes and misguided fears. It may seem that urbanized humanity has given up on the Earth, but the harmonic intelligence and Great Heart in nature is waiting, and the Earth has not given up on us. Educating ourselves about the landforms, plants, trees, creatures and seasonal patterns in our bioregion is a life-long undertaking, and in the meantime, there is so much to love in the natural world. Graceful horizon lines, stalwart trees, soft breezes shaking the seed pods, animal tracks, sinewy snake tracings, endless variations in leaf and stone, patterns in sprout and decay, feathered shade and bird song all speak to the senses, and we know the charm and delight of the creatures endlessly calling their names.

Are we listening? What are they telling us? When we hear the voices of Earth Community, we are transfixed by the many distinct expressions of beauty, spirit and practicality. Entering “timeless time” is a way to bond with nature, revere nature, and with love, express the earth-honoring ceremonies that align us with The Sacred that dwells in ourselves, all beings and the natural world. Both the macrocosm and microcosm of Gaia are sentient in countless unique ways, and Her response to your biophilia, reverence and positive energy may surprise you!

A wonderful practice to adopt is an “Earth Blessing” ritual and recognition that spirit flows through the land, elements and all beings, and that each moment is a gift of vitality and joy. The essence of love is found everywhere in nature, and love is the vibratory field for the plant kingdom, the kinship of the creatures, the nurturing power of the Feminine, and elements such as the water.  Blessing and being blessed, expressing our wonder and gratitude with song, chant, drumming, prayer and reflection creates an atmosphere of celebration and love between us and the nonhuman world. By evoking the spiritual realms, and acknowledging The Sacred in ourselves and the land, we are expressing the powerful forces of unconditional love that empower all of our partnerships in Earth Community.

All things arise again in perennial growth, and the essence of Natura, the Green Goddess, or “veriditas” is the irreducible principle that the green souls of all beings are blessed with renewal and rebirth.  Remaining in place as a timeless, thriving and ever-rejuvenating mystery, the unfailing themes of abundant life continue to manifest, even as we move into an unpredictable future. As the era of Empire ends after centuries of misdirection, our journey comes full circle in a surprising paradox, with our re-indigenization becoming our “future primitive” path. The beauty and timelessness of ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force, as rewilding and recovering indigenous mind become the goal for all people. We have eternal access to a deep well of ancestral knowing, the divine pattern lives on in the DNA, and Gaia’s Matrix sustains us with the everlasting restoration of healing and regeneration.

Ancient Spirit Rising 1 PELoving the Earth with a fierce devotion may mean that we view the damage being done to nature as attacks on our own family and kinship groups. The despair and rage we feel as witnesses to terracide, animal exploitation and the everyday disrespect for the land can be channelled into creating awareness, resistance efforts, the Earth Rights movement, and by rejecting the numbing and destructive values of Empire.  When we open our hearts to Natura in our thoughts, words, actions and cultural life we will find sacred purpose in the co-creation of an earth-honoring commons, and restore much-needed balance. Our re-enchantment with the natural world is essential for devoting ourselves to eco-activism, environmental healing and earth remediation, and the future rests with us!

Excerpt from Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community, Stone Circle Press (2015)    www.stonecirclepress.com

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