(Poem) Blessing of the Ancient One by Glenys Livingstone

Bird-Headed Snake Goddess (4,000 B.C.E.) named as Eurynome, Hallie Iglehart Austen’s ‘The Heart of the Goddess’, p.8

Taking the pose of Bird-Headed Snake Goddess

I invoke Her, Ancient One.


She has set Her seal upon me.

I feel Her passion and Her anger within me.

She will, and is returning,

from Her long journey to the underworld.
Everywhere women are finding anew

Her power within them.

I celebrate Her presence in me and in others.

She says:

As Virgin Woman, you are your own. Never again will you try to disappear so that you might be loved. You will love your self and stand firm in your truth.

As Mother Woman, you give your self. What a mother you are! You know well the tending of needs. Like a bird weaving its nest you weave and repair. You strengthen the net that sustains many.

As Crone Woman, you are wise. You have been tricked, you have fallen low, but you have risen up again. You have not been held down. You have digested the trickery, transformed it in your Being…. using it now to utter your Self, one of my many names.

I, Woman – Goddess complete – claim back my Essence.


Glenys Livingstone 1993 C.E.

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