(Essay) Your Feminine Essence the Kore Principle of Female Spirituality by Marie de Kock

Heal your feminine essence: Discover the vital, forgotten information about your essentially feminine, truly magical, multidimensional, creative capacities.
Artist: Arna Baartz www.artofkundalini.com
Artist: Arna Baartz

Vessel upon vessel containing another vessel… spinning sphere encompassing another and another… dreamy womb within a dreamy Womb within a Dreamy Womb becoming conscious of its own orgasmic being…

that is what creation within our Cosmic Womb is…

And within your spinning sphere—contained within the spinning sphere of Gaia, you contain a fractal replica, your womb, along with the creative bliss to dream another dream into being… another being into dreaming…

Gently spiral your consciousness deeper and deeper within your womb where you’re always welcome. With unconditional love for yourself you can enter the safe, still point; the centrifugal core of your body within the vortex of your womb.

This vortex on the fifth, intentional dimension of your inner being is spinning within you, just like the spinning vortex inside Mother Earth. Due to the centrifugal, cohesive force, your core is your vibrational point of intention and attraction and perception and creation. Inside the still point your core intention continuously attracts a response from the binding universal law of attraction; and so a spiritual ‘placenta’ accumulates, much like the golden yolk of an egg.

That is what your core or dreaming body is; your accumulated Spiritual Intent on the fifth dimension; You, as a continuous dream of our Cosmic Womb: Your Kore is your Maiden of female spirituality. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that your Kore is lovingly protected and nurtured just like a fetus.

When you consciously draw up your aroused Kundalini through your yoni, into your vortex, with an implosive orgasm, your Kore is infused with bliss; your aroused and rising Kundalini infuses your Kore Intention. And the Universal Law of Attraction responds to the bliss; realizing your dreams and wishes.

As a woman, ecstatic bliss is your natural birth right: You are the orgasmic Goddess, manifesting your dreams in reality with blissful, conscious intent. You are the one who transforms and rebirths yourself orgasmically. This is your essentially feminine, magical, creative power: This is your Feminine Essence.

If you draw the ecstatic bliss up further, into the center of your heart where your Flower of Life connects you to the Heart of Mother Earth, you experience supreme bliss. When the unconditional love overflows your heart and expands outward, it looks like wings.

If you draw the ecstatic bliss up further into the center of your brain, the pineal gland opens up like a violet crown. Like the Earth at Solstice, you become open and receptive to the vertical column of Light that pours through the Sun—down into your open crown, heart and womb. The alchemized, intertwined energies from your Kore and Kundalini plus the Earth and Sun, rising up your spinal column, awaken your dormant, unconscious womb wisdom.

Then you are in a perpetual state of dreaming awake. The alignment of your divinely intelligent, creative epicenters, also called ‘lotuses’, ushers you into the totality of your Feminine Essence. The lotuses of the womb, heart and crown yield unconditional nurture, love and wisdom.

Long, long ago, when we All still called the Earth our Mother, when our wombs were still pure, our hearts open and our consciousness still clear, we were able to birth our own daughters—our awakened dreaming bodies, or Kores, unfolding from our ecstatic bliss.

Sadly we have forgotten our essentially feminine, creative abilities activated by implosive orgasm, because we are not initiated by wise crones who can perceive energy. We are also not told that men tap into our core. Do you know about the energetic hooks in your womb and the cords receiving your core energy? Most women are ignorant regarding the draining consequences of sex; more disturbingly so, of sexual abuse—all shades of sex lacking the loving objective of pleasing women…

Author’s Note: This essay is an excerpt from my book, Heal Your Feminine Essence: A Transformative Journey Within: For Women Who Wish to Be Free. We can purify our wombs and recuperate our core energy. This is what the transformative Self-Help Healing Program in my book is about. We can heal and reclaim our feminine essence.

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