(Poem with art) Naturaleza/Mother Nature by Xánath Caraza, art by Adriana Manuela Ruiz Gómez

Watercolor by Adriana Manuela
Watercolor by Adriana Manuela Ruiz Gómez


Por Xánath Caraza


La que se mueve fuerte

Produce flores rojas embriagantes

Y los poemas más sensuales


Está lastimada

Sangran sus cañones,

Sus montañas se desgarran



Su corazón rojo profundo tiembla

Vibra su centro enardecido

Las casas caen


Granizadas de plata

Cubren los verdes campos

Con la ira azul de ehécatl


(Kansas City, otoño de 2012)


Mother Nature

By Xánath Caraza

Translated by Sandra Kingery


Stirring strongly she

Produces intoxicating red flowers

And the most sensual poems


She is wounded

Her canyons bleed,

Her mountains are torn


Her dark red heart trembles

Her inflamed center vibrates

Houses fall


Silver hailstorms

Cover green fields

Ehécatl’s blue rage


(Kansas City, fall 2012)

Read Meet Mago Contributor Xánath Caraza and Meet Mago Contributor Adriana Manuela Ruiz Gómez.

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Donna J Snyder

How exciting to have these women and their talent a part of Return to Mago.