(Art poem) Raggedy Ann on Edge by Phibby Venable

PV raggedy ann
Raggedy Ann, Watercolor by Phibby Venable

Raggedy Ann has left home on a fast track
she is swinging a red lantern and repeating
the alphabet backwards
her eyes are glued to the forest and yes,
she can see the forest for the trees
but what of that
she is on an expedition to anywhere
other than the playroom
nothing comes alive there at night
there is no party when the little girl sleeps
there is just Raggedy Ann watching
the cosmos and touching pale glass
A huge beach ball once rested
near the closet wall
just before it deflated, the colors
swelled into the moon
Raggedy Ann has pocketed the moon
it too is enjoying the journey
the lanterns are only for the thought
that sometimes hovers
in her hand drawn heart
on which someone has stitched
i love you

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