(Interview) Glenys Livingstone: 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions

The remarkable 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Melbourne was the first where Paganism was recognised officially as a world religion, thanks largely to efforts over years by Angie Buchanan and others of Earth Traditions: there was  a strong and diverse Pagan and Indigenous presence.

I was honoured to be part of presenting two programs at this Parliament. When I submitted my proposal, I had been ambivalent about whether to identify my religion as as “Goddess” or “Pagan” and opted for Pagan: I think it was good that I did so at the time, and was so pleased with the beautiful people, including Indigenous traditions, from around the globe that I gathered with.

The programs that I was part of were:

Australian Pagans Speak: A Community Forum

The New Archaic: Neuroscience, Spiritual Practice and Healing


Below is an interview by Noel Debien from the Australian Broadcasting Commission, on December 9th 2009:

Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. on the subject of Modern Paganism

r485338_2493319On the last morning of the Parliament- on my way into the Melbourne conference centre, I saw two circles of mainly young people moving in a ritualistic way as the sun rose over them.

As I drew closer, I could hear words about the earth and about blessing. I guessed it was a pagan circle- and waited behind to speak to some of the people who were taking part.

Dr Glenys Livingstone kindly agreed to speak about her understanding of modern paganism.

To go direct to the mp3.

For more videos and reports from the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions – such as People Call Us Pagan, Men Who Love the Goddess, Divine Feminine Panel, Australian Pagans SpeakIndigenous Statement Panel and more: Pagan News Wire Collective

Preparations are under way for the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, USA in October, and there is currently a Call for Papers due January 15 2015.

Read Meet Mago Contributor Glenys Livingstone.

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Glenys D. Livingstone

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I was privileged to co-present 2 programs at the 2009 Parliament of World’s Religions – one was “Australian Pagans Speak – a Community Forum”, and the other was “The New Archaic: Neuroscience, Spiritual Practice and Healing”. Here is an interview published today on the Return to Mago blog

There are just 3 more days for submitting a proposal to present a program at this year’s Parliament in Salt Lake City in October … links are in the article below.