(Poem) Under a Full Moon by Michael Brautigan


A star and the moon through

bamboo blinds and even

the dogs stir and mumble

from their beds, and I

have to get up and tell

them to quiet, and I

know that this night

shivers and quivers in

the strange full glow

of that moon whose

insanity is slipping through

the splits in my blinds,

and my light fluxes

from bright to dim.

I realize that I want

to leave everything behind

out of pure necessity.

I feel the pull of

shifting currents, and

the lone star collapses

from the sky, and I

realize it’s all in my



We are living out of

synch as a civilization.

We follow patterns

that are mechanical

and never change.

They are rigid and strict,

but nature is always

in flux and changing

whether it be

fast or slow.

The sand in the dunes

flows and forms new

waves in the span of

years, while the crashing

waves of the sea

pealing off in steady

rhythm do so never the

same way twice.

How then are we suppose

to live our lives in a

quick rigid march and

keep alive the connection

between the earth

and universe and man?

We keep track of her

cycles but pay no respect

to the changes.  Do we

think we are somehow

above the earth?  Are

we not affected by

this universe?  I believe

there is no disconnection.

We are one and the



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