(Poem) she was found wandering on by Barbara Mor

The Mago Triad
The Mago Triad

“….she was found wandering on

the street, bleeding, with a

naked baby in her backpack.

she had apparently delivered

herself alone, by caesarian

section, cutting herself open

with a pocket knife, sewing

herself up afterward with

needle & thread. the newborn

daughter weighs 2 pounds, &

will survive. the mother is

being held for psychiatric


poem heard on the radio,


she is found wandering in

crazy night, bleeding from the

mouth where meteors & time

hit. babies on her back, small

unnamed creatures, as the

moon slides its nitrates over

our puffed lids. with

a pocketknife she did it, cut

open the swollen mound & the

bulged ocean, slippery bones

that spilled out like new

fish over her hand, gasping

in her lift. madness, what

madness, as flesh parts

into a red sea, to be the

surgeon of one’s own self, the

first sweat dripping, the

globe rolling stained in the

basin on the wild table.

what nerves, threading  the

needle’s eye, hands like huge

blue floodwaters shaking,

stitching the night closed,

insanely stitching thin black

streets & echoes where our

feet bruised her. then hoisted

to her shoulder, revolved

through neon & ice, sirens

& vast extinctions of

her lost gaze. then into a

cage with lightbulbs & strange

blankets, where questions are

given in pale spoons. her

face wobbles into walls, is

gone. the daughters weigh

enough to  hold on, & will


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