Meet Mago Contributor, Hae Kyoung Ahn

Hae Kyung AhnEco-feminst, Singer-Songwriter

Ahn has returned to a rural village at the foot of Mt. Jiri, Korea, wherein the Altar of Mago (Nogo-dan) is located atop the peak, to farm and create music. Previously, she founded a feminist rock band named the Mago Band. She was the lead singer for the Amazon Band, a female Latin Band. She performed concert over one hundred times nationwide in such events as The Suda (Prattle) Concert and Herstory Concert. She recorded four albums among which the latest is the MaGaiaWomb released October, 2013.

●「안혜경 약력」

•에코페미니스트 singer songwriter
•지리산 노고단 끝자락에 있는 마을에 귀촌하여 텃밭과  노래농사를 짓고 있다.
•여성 롹밴드 (마고밴드)를 만들었고, 여성 라틴밴드(아마손밴드)를 이끌었다.
•(수다콘써트) (허스토리콘써트)등 전국 순회공연을 100회 이상 하였다.

1집 (여성과자연) ”커피카피아가씨, 침묵의봄”
2집 ”눈산, 가던길멈추고”
3집 ”오래된 미래, Good Sister”
4집 (마가이아움, Magaiawomb) ”바리데기, 꽃잎비”

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