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Mago Castle, Mt. Jiri Korea
Mago Castle, Mt. Jiri Korea

Read 2014 Mago Pilgrimage, Facilitators and Participants, and Info in Korean.

Thanks to Lydia Ruyle, we will have her art banners of Korean and World Goddesses as we move along the journey!

(Last updated Sept. 28, 2014)

Ganghwa Island, visits, talks, rituals, and meetings


Theme: “Visiting Magoist Sites of Old Joseon in Ganghwa Island”

Oct. 8, Wed

Coordinator of Ganghwa Planning Committee: Youngai Kim, Hyunsuk Jee, Yongnim Kim


Section 1: 10AM-2PM: Gyodong Peace Island, Rock of Constellation Marks

Theme: “Praying for Reunification of Koreas in Magoism”

Meeting place: Parking Lot at Farmer’s Market (Bring your ID to pass the Gyodong Bridge, close to North Korea)

Hike to Mt. Hwagae  (259m, takes 2 hours for ascending and descending)

Rock of Constellation Marks, located atop the Ruin of Hwagae Castle/Stonewalls

Scenic view from the Ruin of Gwanmi Castle

Lunch and sightseeing in Daeryong (Great Dragon) Open Market

Contact: Youngai Kim (Email:, Phone: 010-2576-6538)


Section 2: 2:30-5PM Meeting and Talk with Ganghwa Magoists

Theme: “Magoism and Korean Women: Co-relation between Mago the Great Goddess and Finding Oneself” 

Presenter: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Introduction of Dr. Glenys Livingstone and Mooncourt)

Contact: Hyunsuk Jee  (Email:, Phone: 010-9929-4893)


Section 3: 5-7PM Dinner and Ritual in Dongmak Seashore

7-8:30 Visit to Yongnim’s Gallery and Conversation with Korean participants (Korean participants will stay overnight here. Non-Korean participants move to Hotel Presia)

Contact: Yongnim Kim (Phone: 010-2295-3726)



October 9, Thursday

9-11 AM Visit to Castle of Three Rangs and Jeondeung Buddhist Temple

Afterward, non-Korean pilgrims move to Seoul (Ms. Suyeon Yu will drive us), check-in at Kimchi Guest House located in Sukdae Subway Station and go to National Museum of Korea in Ichon Subway Station.

3-6 PM: Visit to National Museum of Korea

6-8 PM Dinner and downtown Seoul sightseeing


Oct. 10 Friday

Non-Korean pilgrims move to Seoul National University’s Hoam Professor’s Residence by 11 AM.

Check-in and move to the Symposium venue, Scofield Hall, by noon.


Goddess Symposium: Lecture, Ritual, and Discussion in Seoul National University

October 10, Friday

Time and Venue: 2-6PM, Scofield Hall in Veterinary School

Co-hosted by Mago Academy and IF Cultural Future

Planning Committee: Helen Hwang, Vana Kim Hansen, Myungsuk Kim, Yunduk Jang, Hanseong Hong

Theme: “Archaic Future History Making: Reunion in the Great Goddess, Mago and Gaia”

Presenters: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Dr. Glenys Livingstone

Presider: Dr. Vana Kim Hansen

Staff: Yunduk Jang, Yunseo Jeong, Hanseong Hong

2:00-2:30 PM Beginning Ceremony (Participants are asked to bring an item that symbolizes Goddess to her. Anything such as a card, book, letter, CD, and stone is good. This will be used as a gift from Goddess later at Closing Ceremony. Entering Ritual led by the planning committee with the music “MaGaia Womb” by Haekyoung Ahn to be played. Altar will be prepared in the front section of the hall.)

2:30-3:00 Introduction to Director of Mago Academy and non-Korean Mago Pilgrims (Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Glenys Livingstone, Rosemary Mattingley, and Robert(Taffy) Seaborne)

3:00-3:10 Introduction and Welcome Remark, IF Cultural Future and Myungsuk Kim 

3:10-4:10 Presentation and Response by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Glenys Livingstone

4:10-4:30 Intermittent Break (Time to view Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess Banners, exhibit items located at the entrance of the hall)

4:30-5:00 Group exercise and three-persons talk about presentations and the theme of the Symposium

5:00-5:30 Questions and comments from participants and responses by presenters

5:30-5:45 Closing Ceremony (Participants will choose a Goddess-symbol item from the altar. Time to give thanks to oneself, nature, and our Mother Earth. Ritual led by Planning Committee in a similar manner to Beginning Ritual.)

5:45-6:00 Group photo-taking

6:00-6:30 Removal of items from walls and tables (Volunteers are needed.)

6:30-7:30 Dinner at Sodam Maru (RSVP required, email Dr. Hwang,

Contact: Yungduk Jang (Email:, Phone: 010-2773-8182)


October 11, Sat

8:30AM Check out Hoam Residence Hall

9 AM-11AM: Visit to Gwaneum Buddhist Temple or hike in Seoul National University campus

12:00-1:00 Move to Gimpo Airport to board 3:30 flight to Jeju Island


Jeju Island, Shrine Visits, Meeting, Public Lecture, and Colloquium

Coordinator of Jeju Planning Committee: Bongsun Moon

October 11th-15th


11th (Sat)

4:30 Arrival in Jeju from Gimpo Airport, Move to Gangjeong by Airport Limousine)

6:00 Dinner and rest

Miryang Sisters’ Residence (Korean style residence)


12th (Sun)

10 AM-1 PM: Visit to Shrines near Gangjeong Village

12:00-2:00 Lunch and free time

2:00-5:00 Gut (Shaman Ritual) for Opening of Moon Light Bookstore

6:30-8:30 Public Lecture

Speaker: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Introduction of Dr. Glenys Livingstone, her research and activities)

Venue: Moon Light Bookstore, Café of Humanity Studies

Miryang Sisters’ Residence


13th (Mon)

9:30 Depart from Gangjeong

10:30-2:00 Visit to Shrines in Gimnyeong Villaage and Museum of Sea Diver Women

4:00-5:00 Move to Moon Light Bookstore

5:00-6:30 Dinner and rest

6:30-8:30 Colloquium

Presenter 1: Joey, watching of documentary on shrines (about 30 min) and discussion

Presenter 2: Jingsuk Hong, sharing of her Goddess paintings and the process of painting them

Venue: Moon Light Bookstore

Miryang Sisters’ Residence


14th (Tue)

9:00-12:00 Visit and Ritual

12:00 Lunch and visit to Seoguipo City

3:00 Move to Gasiri Village

5:00 Hike to Ttarabi Hill in Gasiri and meeting with a Japanese group

Tasitelle Residence


15th (Wed)

8 AM Leave for Jeju Ferry Terminal

9:30 Board Ferry to Mokpo City

1 PM Arrival in Mokpo, picked up by Mago Castle’s driver/guide

2:00-3:30 Unju Temple

4:00 Seonam-sa Temple Stay till 16th noon


Visit Unju Temple and Temple Stay in Seonam Temple, South Jeolla

October 15th-16th

4 AM-Noon, 16th (Prepare socks and toiletries)


Mago Castle in Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiri. Visits and hikes to Mago Grave, Shrine of Three Sages, Peak of Three Deities, Intercontinental Goddess Conference (Mago International Conference), Festival of Return to Mago

Co-organized by Mago Castle, Mt. Jiri

Oct. 16-20


October 16 (Thur)

1PM picked up by Mago Castle’s driver/guide

Drive and sightseeing Ssanggye Temple, Hwagae Market Place along Seomjin River

Visit to Household of Magistrate Choi

6:00 Arrival in Shrine of Three Sages/Mago Castle


Oct. 17 (Fri)

Visit and hike to Shrine of Three Sages, Mago Grave, Peak of Three Deities

Ritual and conversations with participants


18th (Sat)

10 AM-3 PM: Mago International Conference (Intercontinental Goddess Conference)

Theme: “Celebrating the Revival of Magoism in Mago Castle, Mt. Jiri, with the World”

Presenters; Oksoong Cha, Byeongwook Son, Wongyu Go, Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Glenys Livingstone. Proceedings are to be distributed on the spot.

3-6PM Great Feast of Magoism

Evening: Gut of Meeting Triad Deity/Shadow Play (traditional entertainment in Mago Castle)

Staying overnight in a Korean village-style house


19th (Sun)

AM and PM: Festival of Return to Mago (Open Heaven and Great Gut): This is an annual event that takes place in Mago Castle. Only a limited number of participants are allowed in order to preserve Mago Castle as cultural historical site of Magoism. 6 Movements of Magoist Live Drama (out of all 81 Movements), scripted and directed by Master Hanpul.

Venue: Mago Castle


20th (Mon)

AM Drive and visit to Jinju, traditional city, Chokseok-ru Pavilion and cultural sites.

Arrival at hotel near Gimpo via Daejeon or Okcheon.


21st (Tue)


Non-Korean pilgrims depart from Incheon Airport.

Contact and questions: Dr. Helen Hwang (

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