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Marya BerryPoetry began to wake me from nightmares when i was nine. I have got precious little sleep in my life, compared with many people, but have dreamed much, a heady recompense. Since then, I have tried to follow its lead, listening for its music, its whisperings, tending to its shapes, catching words in flight, cradling, hoarding them in my word nest, knowing each one belonged to a specific if as yet unborn or fledgling poem.

As to my poetical leanings, I was early on attracted to haiku, so i wrote hundreds of them, including haiku series (Monet, seahorses, WW2), which I still do.There is a Japanese corner inside me & in my living room. A set of shelves harboring Japanese figurines, books (haiku, fiction, ART, film) fabrics, steam cooking utensils, films, dictionaries. All very colourful. One bedroom wall is covered with photos of polar bears, mostly mothers with their cubs. I am enamoured of Celtic & Norse myth, both Eddas, children’s literature (Irish & Japanese fairy tales), Greek everything, Nature &, back at home in the US, the Connecticut sky.

For many years, I have worked as a professor of English (literature & poetry, specializing in medieval & Shakespearean English) & also as a music & cinema critic with many interviews broadcast on radio & published in newspapers & magazines. Worked as a radio host of opera & cinema programmes, both in the US & here in France, where I have resided for more than 20 years. At university, I majored first in English Literature (BA, summa cum laude), then Medieval English Literature (MA, with honours), before embarking on an doctorate in Chaucer (doctoral subject accepted), medieval languages (English,Welsh, Icelandic), and art (Merovingian, Visigoth), which still lacks the dissertation.

My first published articles were memoirs: on Maria Callas & Robert Graves. Then, essays on various subjects, then music & literary criticism.

The need to read began at the age of four when i begged my mother to teach me to read (& write). Now i read mostly English literature (bow to the Bard daily), but also literature from other nations & cultures, watch mostly British tv series, & films of every country excepting many of my own, translate “foreign language” fiction & poetry into English (two books published), stemming from a Gulbenkian Scholarship Prize.

Poetry is my oxygen, my heartbeat, my Taj Mahal.

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That’s an admirable bio note.


Outstanding life and talent. xxx