Light over Waters by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

Sunlight is singing

Over opalescent waters

A high and ephemeral tune

Heart-breaking, longing, loving.

I see the salmon jumping

Sheer silver essence of the deep

Both sweet and savoury.

I see healing herbs swaying

The verdant power of the deep,

The sap rising to the sun.

I see white mist rising

The hiding place of rainbows

The birth place of the dew.

I see Your face

Holding the wisdom of all three,

And with me there is heart-break,

And longing and love and light.

Light over waters

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This is a splendid poem, where the ephemeral takes on the hues, the present, of the eternal. This is the birth of light, of the day, of the sun in mystical manifestations. A place where the sacred holds onto longing and heartbreak, as flowing elements of life, healing elements, for Wisdom is the light, the sap, the longing, the loving, “the hiding place of rainbows. The poet is at one with her heartbreak, with this singing sunlight. All sings here for the replenishment of the soul.