Meet Mago Contributor, Yvonne M. Lucia

Y LuciaIs a self-taught, multi-media artist who has been making things since she was a young child. Combining her passion for creativity with professional degrees in nursing and theology, and training in Expressive Arts and Spiritual Direction, Yvonne believes that:

  • art making has the potential to connect us with our Sacred Source
  • creating art can change us as individuals when we express thoughts, feelings and emotions that are too deep for words
  • experiencing the creations of others can move us beyond our own small spheres of understanding and bias
  • creativity is the language of the soul and is our birthright as human beings.

Yvonne operates the Art Barn Studio in Binghamton, NY, where she offers opportunities for women to engage in creative, soulful, playful exploration. For more information about her work, see (under construction and will be available soon) and, which is now Live.

Read her published posts from the recent:

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Judy E Foster
Judy E Foster

A lovely symbol of hope…