(Poem) The Secret Ways by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

inspired by, and written for, B.A. and our musings about the powers of prayers synchronized and how to synchronize them if it cannot be done in the realm of mundane time…

Blessings I speak
in blissful hours
under green branches.
My humble prayers
drop like dew
upon the verdant ground,
soak in the moss,
meander through the tiny leaves
dive deep into the unknown
to find purification
and enrichment
by healing powers
-herbal gifts-
to join the hidden flow
beneath the fern,
to vanish all from mundane sight;
and finally they break the doors
at the appointed hour:
a springing fountain
reaching for the light,
dissolving  in a thousand droplets
each apt to bear a rainbow.

 Photograph by Angelika Heike Rüdiger
Photograph by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

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Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder

Angelika says, “Herecura is a Gallo-Roman deity of the “underworld” and of fertility and abundance…deep in a wood I found what is left of her image. It is a poetic coincidence that her image is close to triple cross-road still and this recalled Hecate.The place inspired me greatly…”


I love your poem, Heike Rüdiger.