Meet Mago Contributor, Mary Ann Ghaffurian Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian (Australia, New Zealand) 

Creator of Primordial Psychology and researcher of the archeology of human consciousness. Well regarded in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality, energy medicine and the psychotechnologies by which we have lost and can regain our implicate awareness, with the wisdom of history and memory restored.

Dr Mary Ann trained in Australia first in visual art and psychology, working analytically in Mental Health before turning to publishing, managing visual and editorial contracts for international publishers. During the publishing decade, she gained certification and worked within the emerging wellness industry, continuing her involvement in the physical, mental health and human unfoldment movement.

Lecturing and producing written course and video material on Images from Psychoanalytical Perspectives for Deakin and La Trobe Universities, MelbourneDr Ghaffurian completed a postgraduate BEd Hons in anthropology, psychology, culture and consciousness. This led to coursework MA, before transferring to Doctoral research in The Modes and Structures of Human Consciousness. Expanding the metaphysics and exploration of the depth psychology of Carl Jung, Julian Jaynes and Jean Gebser, the anthropological questions of Marija Gimbutas, the religious search of Elaine Pagels, the alchemic world of the Renaissance, and the ancient systems of the East and Near East, she asked the questions: “If there is a nightmare of history and consciousness from which this planet is trying to awake, and be transformed out of,, why can’t we just wake up?” She graduated in 2003.

With the opening of the Energy Medicine Clinic, of which she is co-Director in 2003, Dr Ghaffurian began to apply a synthesis of her experience, knowledge, theory and practice, together with science and spirituality, into a structured process based on her original research PhD, Search for Origin, an Enquiry into the Metaphorical Mind-Space ContainerAlchemic Vessel of Nightmare and Awakening. Several books are being prepared for publication. She resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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