(Poem) To Titian's Ariadne by Donna Snyder

My body twists & turns in naked sorrow
My love gone on his strange and lonesome journey
without me

I am left exposed
vulnerable to passion & dissolution
I grasp the scarves around my fleshiness
silken shields red and blue
Exposed alike to beasts and the naked sky

My red hair is a noose about my neck
I am eager for the grave
The senses compel me
to lose my abandoned flesh to pleasure

Oblivion lurks on cat feet in the wild dark

Titian Bacchus and Ariadne

Titian’s painting is named Bacchus and Ariadne, but I was focussed on Ariadne when I wrote this.

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Donna Snyder

Thank you, Sisters.

Bryan McDonald

well written, find your style of writing is very rich. Written in a very good, thanks for sharing.


Your imagery, as always, pungent, peppery and potent!


Gorgeous poetry, gorgeous, transcendent poem. What a gift is this poet. Donna Snyder