(Poem 1) Creation Story by Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian

Uluru snake by Mary Ann Ghaffurian

In the very beginning was the Serpent
She wept
For where were Her children?

The sky was bare and starless
And nothing else was there except
 the Breathing

The serpent was fully awake.
She called upon her husband
‘Where are you?’ she called.

‘I am here’, he replied
And she knew she was not alone.
Her aloneness was the first illusion.

They begat many children.

And the skies were filled with stars.

‘Husband’, she said, ‘from the womb of my heart
We must beget children alike to ourselves.
For though the stars sing
It still isn’t sufficient for the Heart.
Rainbow Snake Country Meeks2
He looked into her eyes and was consumed with desire.
‘Mother’, he said to her.
‘Let us begin’.

And they covered heaven
With their bliss.
A giant fountain
Arose in the mountains, cascading to heaven,
Covering the sky.

‘Aha’, said the two, ‘It begins’.
(Text and images © Mary Ann Ghaffurian 1989 ~The Primordial Path)

(Read Part II of four parts here.)

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Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder

A fine poem. For some reason I cannot view the images.

Trista Hendren

🙂 that is a truly beautiful poem – and art too!! Sharing now with gratitude.

DrMary Ann Ghaffurian

Dear Readers, This is Part 1 (here called Poem 1), of a four-part Creation Story, that tells what became of the creation that issued forth from the Divine. Thank you for your beautiful comments.