(Art) Miko Kami by Lydia Ruyle

J2-Miko_Kami_Dogu (1)

Miko Kami Dogu is a clay figurine from the Jomon period of Japan. Figurines appear to have been used ritually for fertility, safe childbirth, and good health. Dogu, found in burial pits, were intended to accompany the dead person into the afterlife. Miko is an ancient term for a female shaman and her large eyes could indicate a trance state. Kami are spirits, natural forces, and ancestors in the Shinto tradition.

Source: Clay. 1000-300 BCE. Terminal Jomon. Tohoku University. Sendai. Japan
Background outline: Tanabatake Venus. Clay. 2500-1500 BCE. Middle Jomon. National Treasure. Chino City Board of Education. Japan 


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Danica Anderson (@cloudwoman)

Lydia your work is always beautiful. This one comes alive.

Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder

Very interesting image and background. Thank you.