(Poem) Untitled by Anna McBain

He said

I am the Seed, without me life cannot exist
He said.
I am the Womb that nourished you before birth, conceived without seed from within.

I am the Sun, if not for me you would have no light
He said.
I am Darkness. If not for me your light could not be seen at all.

I am Life, for I give the energy for all things to grow
He said.
I am Deep Slumber. Without me, your energy would overwhelm and stunt life’s growth.

I am the Father, my children care for the Earth for future generations
He said
I am the Mother, from whence all were born, whose children are destroying in your name.

I am Unity, through me all children are united
He said.
I am Connectedness. Through me all feel and know they are a part of each other, not just concept of thought.

I am Goals and Ambition, I have taught my children to be strong and independent
He said.
No, you have taught them to be vulgar and greedy. You have taught them to be hateful and solitary. You have taught them to war and shed blood. You have taught them to
Rape my body and each other. You have taught them anger and fear. They’re future and mine is growing extinct. When they die, so too will you. When I die, I will move on with the cosmos to become the womb of a new world.

He said nothing.

Treebaby by Juliet Heins

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Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder

This poem has a supremely important message for us all.