(Music) ‘Eagle Song’ by Sabrina Montanaro

Sabrina Montanaro

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I was born and brought up in London in an Italo-Swedish Family.  I trained as a vocal-composer in Florence with Gabriella Bartolomei.  I’m now resident in Roma.

Once upon a time I sat over a valley of Temples and asked God for a sign… after a long silence… a bee hit my drum and flew off.  This was the sign.

I discovered that the bee was a messenger of all the Goddesses that had been silenced on the planet; and that the drum was the primordial heart-beat, the Law and pulse of ecstasy, of fusing the mystical and physical in creation.

I became a-kin to the bee in my musical and spiritual research collecting nectar in India, Afro-Colombia and Indigenous Colombia and Ireland .

When the time was ripe the Universe gave me a twin-soul to give birth musically with: Eugenio Chabaneau from Argentina, composer, poet and Master-guitarist… and a bee hit the drum ! was born.

Now working on 2nd CD all instrumental a bit ‘ Andino ‘ dedicated to ‘Angels in time of war’.

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Eagle Song (lyrics and prayer) EAGLE SONG..: ”… two eagles fly up high , with their feathers aflame, naked they fall to the earth again, and yet in full feather they fly up soon, that Fountain is Lord of sun and moon !” EAGLE SONG EAGLE SONG THAT I NEED TO SING EAGLE SONG EAGLE SONG THAT I NEED TO SING LIKE A SUN IN MY EYES THAT CAN SEE ALL THINGS LIKE A SUN IN MY EYES THAT CAN SEE ALL THINGS EAGLE SONG EAGLE SONG THE HIGHEST MYSTERY EAGLE SONG EAGLE SONG THE DARKEST MISERY LIKE A SUNIN… Read more »
Mago Admin

Thanks so much for sharing the lyrics and prayer, Sabrina!